How to Keep Your Septic System Healthy?

Keep Your Septic System Healthy
August 06, 2022 - admin

Today we are sharing the dos and don’ts for maintaining your septic system. So, let’s jump right in!

Dos for septic system maintenance

Routine maintenance: It increases the life of your septic system. Hire a local septic system maintenance company to take care of on-site cleaning and repairs. We recommend the following timeline to keep your system in optimal working condition:

  • Gravity Systems: Once every 3 years
  • Pressure Distribution Systems: Once a year
  • Proprietary Systems like Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU) and Membrane Bioreactors (MBR): Once a year, or as required by the manufacturer
  • Mound or Sand Filter Systems: Once a year

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Pump your septic system: Depending on your household or commercial water usage, you should have your septic system pumped when it is close to filling up. For heavy usage, this could mean once a year or more frequently. If you have started to notice an unpleasant odor, it is time to have your septic system cleaned out.

Secure your septic tank lids: Loose or cracked lids are a safety hazard for adults, children, and pets. So, make sure the lids are always secured. Use risers to make septic tank monitoring, pumping, and repairs easier for your septic tank maintenance company.

Conserve water: Being mindful of your water usage is not only environment-friendly, but doing so also helps increase the life of your septic tank.

Direct rainwater away from your drain field: Additional water runoff from adjacent properties or your gutter system may prevent the septic system from working properly. Ensure your drainage system is not directing water towards your septic system.

Landscaping also helps: Grass and other plants with shallow roots can help lower the stress put on your drainage and septic system.

Don’ts for septic system maintenance

Use a garbage disposal: Using your septic tank system for garbage disposals can add solids and grease that can quickly clog your drain field.

Flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet: Flushing anything except toilet paper into your septic system, such as cleaning wipes, baby wipes, personal care products, and paper towels, clogs your system and should not be done.

Flush chemicals into the septic tank: Chemicals destroy bacteria, which are necessary for breaking down solids within the septic system.

Use non-approved additives: Adding extra solids to your septic tank system is not advised as some of these chemicals also pollute groundwater and surface water. If you need to add additives, only go for approved ones from the state authorities.

Drain water from hot tubs into the septic system: Drain hot tubs away from the septic system, as large volumes of hot water can 'drown' your drain field, and the chlorine can destroy important bacteria in your drain field.

Hire a septic tank maintenance company to do the job professionally

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